Economics for Transformation is a platform to share data, infographics, research, and ideas on economic transformation, with particular relevance to countries in Africa.

Using economics to help transform societies for the better.

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This is a unique peer network of economists focused on issues relating to economic transformation and growth. If you are a policy-oriented scholar with African focused experience, join our network of Economists for Transformation! 

Economists for Transformation provides a hub for early-career economists from, and working on, Africa to connect with one another, exchange ideas, and reach a wider audience for their research.

This group is closed, meaning that discussions within this group are only viewable by group members. 

What this group is: a virtual safe-space of like-minded economists from and working on Africa, to share data, research, ideas, and contribute to Africa-focused policy debates and discussions. This group encourages group members to communicate their research and helps group members to amplify their work.

Launch of African economic talent database: snapshot of almost 1,200 early-career economists and development professionals

We have recently launched an online talent database showcasing the profiles of around 1,200 African early career economists and development professionals. These include pre-selected applicants to the World Bank’s Africa Fellowship program. This will allow talent matching with partners including think tanks and chief economic advisors to African presidents. The aim is to build a bridge between African early-career development professionals on one side, and policy institutions and African governments on the other side, ultimately to increase participation of early-career talent in government and policy institutes. 

Are you an African economist and wish to be featured on our E4T talent database? Click here to fill out this questionnaire.  

Below are a few statistics to give you a better picture of the candidates on the database:

Most candidates are Nigerian or Cameroonian nationals.

Out of 1181 candidates, 560 have completed their PhD studies.

While most candidates have academic professional experience, about 30% have worked in the government and 20% have worked in the private sector.

More than one-third of all candidates are fluent in both English and French.

The three countries where candidates have the most work experience in Africa are Nigeria, South Africa and Cameroon.

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